Inside the Revived Hotel Montalembert

To celebrate Hotel Montalembert’s ninetieth birthday, owner Anne Jousse gifted the landmark with a “gentle renovation” under the direction of architect and decorator Pascal Allaman. Set in the heart of Paris’ Left Bank, the hotel is considered a pioneer of the boutique hotel movement that sprung up 25 years ago. “This hotel is ingrained in its neighbourhood,” explains Jousse in the building’s re-opening release. “It is the hotel of writers and artists. So we wanted to preserve this spirit, particularly for the restaurant whose costumers are primarily local regulars.” What was supposed to be a restaurant-focused revamp soon extended to the rest of the establishment, with interior architect Géraldine Prieur joining to decorate the lobby. Drawing from both mid-century and Haussmann styles, vibrant colours, lush textiles, and sparkling marble flow through the space, making the hotel both welcoming and awe-inspiring. Happy scrolling!






Photos courtesy of Hotel Montalembert

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